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Harry/Louis XFactorFic List 

We all know this fandom massively lacks xfactor fics so Karla and I decided to make a list of the ones we do have, so maybe some of you get inspired by it, and also just because they are really fantastic. If you’ve read and enjoyed any that aren’t on this list pls pls inbox me. I’d love for this to be as long as possible ;)

  • The hunger in my heart

Author: likecharity
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual activity in the same room as sleeping people, ridiculous amounts of sexual frustration and an excessively fluffy ending
Summary: Harry and Louis fall for each other during The X Factor and have difficulty doing anything about it. It feels like it’s written on Harry’s forehead, if he’s honest, and sometimes it’s hard to care—sometimes, when Louis’s lips travel from his mouth to his cheek to his ear, Harry’s knees go weak, and he wants to tell the whole fucking world how that feels, how amazing and scary and fantastic it is for someone to have that hold over you. It doesn’t feel like the kind of thing that should have to be kept secret.
Word Count: (~9,000 words.)

  • Stand Up

Author: LittleMousling
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: First Time; Pining; Misunderstanding
Summary: Louis has one technique, and only one, for getting someone to like him: making them laugh. He’s used it since he was in year five, and he can’t say it’s really worked all that well, but it works better than not trying at all. The thing is, though, Louis has made Harry laugh loads of times, and it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.

  • Metaphysical Gravity

Author: colazitron
Rating: PG-13 (maybe 15, but we don’t have that here and I don’t think it’s a 17)
Warnings: none
Summary: Harry and Louis make out because the bottle dared them to. And then they sort of don’t stop and it takes them a while to make sense of it all.
Word Count: 5,874

  • it’s just that it’s delicate

Author: condescendingsmirk
Warnings: First Kiss, Fluff
SummaryHarry giggles sleepily and Louis’ heartstrings give a little tug. “Come snuggle, then?” he asks hopefully, blinking up at Louis slowly. He brings a hand up to rub at his tired eyes. “Body heat and all that.”
Word Count: 2391

  • house rules

Author: Proper-Stylin
Summary: There are some things you just can’t explain; love and attraction are two
Word Count: 11848

  • nothing safe is worth the drive

Author: piginawig
Rating: M
Warnings: First Kiss
Summary:Harry feels transparent and like everything he’s feeling is written on his forehead for Louis to read – you’re cute and I want to know you and I hope you feel whatever this is too
Word Count: 5289

  • Rock Those Blue Jeans, Baby

Author: shakespearesque
Rating: M
Summary: Louis has a hate/love relationship with the video diaries. He has a love/love relationship with Harry, though, and the video diaries don’t help with that at all.
Word Count:  4985

  • no one needs to know we’re feeling (higher and higher and higher)

Author: threewhitehorses
Rating: PG
Warnings: First Kiss, Fluff
Summary: Louis grins back at him, out of breath, and Harry really wants to kiss him.
It’s not like this is a new feeling, because he’s felt this way practically since he first met him in the toilets, it’s just. He really, really wants to kiss him.
Word Count:  1394

  • Scenes From A Shared House

Author: suzie
Rating: PG
Summary: Four snapshots of boyband!love. Set during the X Factor live shows.
Word Count: 1,115

  • we’re gonna conquer dragons

Author: queenmcgonagall
Rating: PG
Warnings: First Kiss, Fluff
Summary: Louis’s eyes are blue blue blue and Harry’s drunk and just wants to hold his hand. The boys play truth or dare at the bungalow.
Word Count:  9718

  • Flicker From Person To Place

Author: Lucy
Rating: PG.
Genre: Fluff.
Warnings: Nope!
Summary: When Louis gets nervous, he says ridiculous things. Set the night before the X Factor 2010 finale. :)

  • cling to me

Author: brokenbravery
Rating: Er, NC17 for smut?
Genre: Fluff.
Summary: Harry is clingy. Louis doesn’t mind.

  • but there’s a camera

Author: slasher84
Summary: The day they’re moving in, Harry and Louis get in a bit of a scuffle on someone’s bed.
Word Count:  464

  • Let Me See You Shine

Author: Lucy
Rating: R
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Explicit sexual content (oral sex, tiny bit of comeplay, one of the participants is sixteen).
Word Count: 4918
Summary: Harry knows the moment he meets Louis that Louis is his soulmate. It’s frustrating when Louis doesn’t realize it as quickly.

  • the fear you won’t fall

Author: decisionsandrevisions
Rating: M
Genre: Fluff
Summary: He’s getting to the point where every time he cracks a joke, he’s looking out of the corner of his eye to see if Louis finds it funny. He tries to keep a mental catalogue of every polo he wears that Louis reaches out and touches. He wants Louis to keep a mental catalogue too.
Word Count: 6005

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